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Our air company proudly presents a luxurious jet for private corporate flights. We take great pride in offering professional services.

You set a high value on your time? You are used to traveling in comfort? You need the best aircraft?

Then Falcon 8X is what you need now! It is a true sky limousine. “Limousine” here is not just a figure of speech, but a literal statement. Why? You will learn now!

This is an update of the previous version, Falcon 7X, that has been extended up to 13 meters and become the most spacious aircraft in the whole Dassault range. Due to this extra length each side now has 16 windows ensuring more natural light inside the cabin.

Being the largest model in the range (the cabin volume can reach 48 cubic meters) its design is the most adaptive among all previous models, offering up to 30 alternatives. The standard Falcon model with a three-sector zoning arrangement (a rest area with a lavatory for the crew and a galley, a passenger area and a lavatory in the rear) allows cardinal changes in the aircraft configuration. You can have an additional sleeping area or a shower cabin here, or just install some comfortable seats to bring the total number of passengers up to 19. All this will enable you to travel in ideal business class conditions. In other words, if you purchase a Falcon 8X, you will have at your disposal a universal aircraft that can take you to any place on the globe feeling refreshed as if you have spent your time in a hotel room rather than aboard a jet at an altitude of several thousand meters, thanks in large part to an excellent sound insulation.

As you can see — there are all attributes of a luxurious air limousine! But…

A particular feature of Falcon 8X’s design is its universality. You can rearrange the cabin even into a hospital (this option is also offered by the manufacturer). As a result, you have a spacious medical aircraft with another important factor contributing to it.

This factor is technical input. The developers have done their best! Apart from an efficient three-engine turboprop power plant with an increased traction they have ensured long-range capabilities — up to 12,000 km. Notably, in terms of speed (over 900 km/h) Falcon 8X can outperform most of its competitors taking into account its hot operational conditions and the maximum flight altitude. Its state-of-the-art avionics makes the flight as safe as possible (Falcon 8X is capable of landing without any problem at low visibility of up to 30 meters) and the aircraft as cost-effective as it can be. This is a most important argument in favor of this model.

Aren’t you yet willing to own this marvel of engineering?…

Then let us mention another important factor. Falcon 8X is a French jet made by the manufacturer of Mirage fighters (Dassault Mirage are the most reliable and progressive masterpieces of combat aviation). It means that you will get the best that the aviation market can offer with a guarantee of continuous operation for many years to come.

But if the choice is still not evident for you, then have a look at the other models in the Dassault Falconline line.

The two-engine Falcon 5X will surprise you by a long flight range despite its small dimensions (up to 5,200 km) and a rather high speed of 0.8M. This model has the potential of becoming the originator of a separate two-engine model line. But even now it is quite an attractive option for business travel as it is.

Falcon 7X has become the basis for designing the 8X. It can also cover huge distances of up to 11,200 km landing on small aerodromes. Its distinctive features are fuel efficiency and high speeds.

We also have other models produced by Dassault Aviation. Just tell us which one interests you!

Well, how about it? Have you made your choice? Then there is just a little left for you to do.

Contact an Aviav TM manager to place your order!

How can you make an order? Elementary! Just contact an Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) manager by any means of your convenience and tell him that you would like to purchase an aircraft from the Falcon line. Right at the very early stage you can ask all questions that are of interest for you regarding both the jet and the purchase procedure and get exhaustive answers.  A personal meeting will undoubtedly be necessary in the future, but we will have it as late as at the negotiation and contracting stage. You can also leave an application on our website. In this case a staff-member of Aviav TM  (Cofrance SARL) will contact you at any time of your convenience.

But why Aviav TM?

Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) enjoys great popularity with aircraft purchasers because:

  • It is Europe’s largest aviation broker with a wealth of experience and representation offices in over 100 countries of the world;
  • Cofrance SARL is a French company focused on sales of French aviation equipment throughout the world;
  • Our company has partner relations with the most reputable international organizations, in particular Wyvern Ltd. (flight safety),  ARGUS International (audit),  EBAA (European Business Aviation Association), and NBAA (National Business Aviation Association);
  • We have at our disposal both ready-made aircraft models and aircraft manufacturing quotas with the world’s leading producers;
  • Aircraft equipment;
  • Our company does not just sell aircraft. Owing to close cooperation with manufacturers, we can offer full-scale technical support and maintenance during operations and scheduled repairs as well as additional tuning both of the cabin and the technical equipment;
  • Round-the-clock customer support;
  • Confidentiality at all stages of aircraft selection and the transaction;
  • Legal compliance in transactions;
  • Strict financial accounting;
  • Accuracy in all matters (from contracting to expert assessments);
  • A credit line for loyal customers;
  • An insightful approach to customer requirements.

Feel free to contact us! We are looking forward to your call right now!

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Aircraft specifications


Flight range: 11,945 km

Cruising speed: 900 km/h

Maximum flight altitude: 15,545 m


Cabin length: 11.9 m

Cabin width: 2.34 m

Cabin height: 1.88 m

Cabin volume: 44 cub.m

Length: 24.46 m

Height: 7.94 m

Wing span: 26.29 m


Maximum number of passengers: 19

Optimum number of passengers: 15

Baggage compartment volume:  4 cub.m

Maximum takeoff weight: 31,300 kg

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